Eliana at Sunrise 18K Rose-Gold Plated Drop Pendant



An elegant circular drop pendant, Eliana at Sunrise is designed with a dazzling center piece encircled by a cluster of eighteen smaller round-cut cubic zirconia crystals, each polished to a high shine and perfectly cut to refract the light with a brilliant clarity. Suspended from a delicate 18K rose-gold plated chain and matching setting, the blush-tinted hue of the rose-gold brings an additional soft glow to the necklace, coming together with the gemstones to form a beautiful and fresh statement to add a touch of glamor to the neckline.

  • White, round-cut cubic zirconia
  • Exquisitely crafted, 18K rose-gold plated setting
  • High optical clarity, durable
  • Precision-cut zirconia; refracts light just like a diamond
  • Total stone weight: 0.67 Ctw
  • Stone Size: 1.2mm and 4mm
  • Nickel-free, lead-free and hypoallergenic
  • Comes with a drawstring bag and velvet-lined box for storage and gifting

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